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Making Traveling Together Easier<br />

Making Traveling Together Easier

Most airlines have strict regulations about flying with animals, so bring your pet in to ensure these standards are met. At CityPaws, we have a number of USDA-accredited veterinarians available by appointment. Due to the varied nature of domestic airlines, it’s best to do some advance research to get a clear understanding of what’s expected. It may take time for your pet to meet some of the requirements, so be sure see us as soon as possible to get your pet ready for travel.

International Travel

Traveling to another country with your pet is more complicated than traveling domestically. It can take several months and multiple visits to our office before your pet is allowed to fly. All of our veterinarians are accredited and able to issue international travel certificates, so be sure to schedule an appointment now if you plan on traveling any time in the future. It’s also wise to contact the local embassy or consulate of your travel destination to get more detailed information about traveling in that country with your pet.

For more information, please visit the USDA website.