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Happy, Healthy Pets

Healthy Pets

When you know your pet is doing well, you’ll do anything to keep your companion healthy and happy. Similar to humans, animals are healthiest when they undergo routine maintenance. There is virtually no condition that is easier to cure than it is to prevent, and CityPaws Animal Hospital knows this well.

That’s why we offer comprehensive wellness services including thorough nose-to tail examinations. We also provide vaccinations that are necessary to protect your pet from the most prevalent conditions.

You know your pet deserves the best, so let us help you in supporting the health of your companion.

Well Visits

There is no better way to care for your pet than by taking him or her to a trusted veterinarian for routine examinations. Wellness visits allow us to build a frame of reference for your pet’s health. We can also take a closer look at your pet, observing issues that may not be obvious to the average owner.

A preventive approach tends to be the most effective to achieving good health and wellbeing, and having a good frame of reference is essential. Knowing how your pet normally behaves is how we become aware of any important changes. Being mindful of these changes is how we can stop problems before they begin, saving pets and owners a lot of grief.

These visits are also a good time for CityPaws Animal Hospital to get to know you and your pet and to educate you on your pet’s needs. Besides regular examinations, taking an active role in your pet’s health is one of the best ways to care for him or her. We encourage you to ask questions and to discuss any concerns you may have. We are partners in your pet’s health, and we will work together to ensure your pet leads a long and happy life.

Well Visits

Pet Vaccinations


When utilized alongside regular wellness visits, vaccines are one of the most powerful tools in preventive medicine. Vaccinations work by “teaching” your pet’s immune system to fight certain infectious diseases before exposure occurs. Therefore, when your pet is exposed, you likely won’t even notice and no damage will be done.

At CityPaws, we can help you determine your pet’s vaccination needs and assess which diseases pose the most risk for your pet. Every patient is unique, and seeing your pet regularly helps us develop the best plan to protect and support his or her overall health. We’re always happy to see you and your pet, so please don’t hesitate to contact us.